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  • The advertising provided through this program is free.
  • We only ask for you to download and subscribe to Life’s Super App ($30 per month) to begin your participation.
  • There is no obligation for you to continue your Life Super App subscription.
  • The Life Super App has contracted with Access Development to provide the Saver Coupon Service.
  • If you decide to participate, your business will be enrolled in other programs similar to the Saver Coupon Service provided by Access Development that will allow Access Development clients other than Life’s Super App customers to access the discount offered by your business.
  • Participating businesses must train employees to honor the Saver Coupon Service offer(s) to all customers presenting the appropriate Saver Coupon Service electronic coupon.
  • For less than .25 an hour per full time employee reward and retain them. Call to request more information at  314 226-6442 or email superappconcept@freead.us (optional program)

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